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EIBA – English Indoor Bowling Association

The English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) is the National Governing Body for Males participating in the game of Flat Green Indoor Bowls in England.

The Ladies game is administered by the English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association (EWIBA). We have regular liaison meetings with both the EWIBA and the two outdoor Governing Bodies (EBA and EWBA)

The EIBA has existed since 1933 when we were formed as a section of the English Bowling Association (EBA). In 1971 we became an autonomous body operated by an Executive Committee, which is elected by Club Delegates at the Annual General Meeting.

The EIBA and EWIBA, in partnership with the Outdoor Flat Green Governing Bodies (EBA – English Bowling Association and EWBA – English Women’s Bowling Association), English Bowls Coaching Scheme and Umpiring Association (EBUA – English Bowls Umpires Association and EWUAB – English Women’s Umpires Association [Bowling]), have formed the ‘English Bowls Youth Development Scheme’, which is working closely with Sport England, to create a fully Accredited Scheme for all Young People in England.

We are primarily funded by our Members, in the form of an Annual Membership Levy and Affiliation Fee for each Club, together with fees from 33 County Association Members.

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EBA – English Bowling Association

The English Bowling Association governs the game of flat green outdoor bowls for men in England. There are thirty-five affiliated Counties, to which a total of 2,700 clubs are in membership nationwide. Approximately 132,000 players come under the jurisdiction of this

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